Thursday, 4 September 2014

Research India Publications ( : Fake use of SCOPUS indexing

Research India Publications ( is using Scopus terms as indexing in its advertisement on google. But actually none of Journal of this publication is index in SCOPUS. SCOPUS is well reputed indexing of the world. So Research India Publications ( is using this term for attracting more and more authors by such fake information.

Many Journals of this publication have only 3-4 board members. It shows that this Journal is governed by only one person. How only three editors can manage the complete Journal?

Authors are suggested to avoid this publication group because it is misleading authors by showing fake information......

Friday, 9 May 2014

IJSER ( is itself advertising on Google as fake IJSER.....

It is very first time i saw that any Journal is advertising on google as it is fake Journal.

Many people know that it is fake Journal but this time Journal is saying itself that it is fake....

Name of this Journal is International Journal of Scientific & Engineering Research (ISSN 2229-5518)  IJSER

Check the below image....

Monday, 31 March 2014

Scholarly Journals Accepted 120 Fake Research Papers Generated by Computer Program

More than 120 computer-generated "gibberish" research papers are being removed from the archives of scientific journal publishers Springer and the Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers (IEEE) after a French computer scientist determined the papers were fakes.
The bogus research papers, it turns out, were created by an automated word generation program that can string random, seemingly sophisticated words together in plausible English syntax.
Scientific papers, especially those dealing with computer science and mathematics, as these fake papers were, feature reams of sophisticated jargon. Even legitimate papers can seem like gibberish to an unfamiliar reader.

Thursday, 27 February 2014

Impact Journals ( : Highly Fake Indian publisher

Impact Journals ( is fooling author by writing .us in the domain name. But actually it is India based Journal. Anybody can check it through

This Journal is showing as it is based on USA but it is India based. Also there is no any contact information on the website.

This is new publisher and showing the fake impact factor without any logic.

Website is showing that citation is 0 % and showing impact factor is 1.3268. How it is possible to get impact factor more than 1 without any paper citation. You can verify through following image.

Authors are suggested to find better place to publish their valuable papers rather than such fake Journals link Impact Journals

Saturday, 11 January 2014 : Fake Journal which can review any paper within 48 hrs.

International Journal of Scientific Research and Development ( which has ISSN: 2321-0613, is complete fake Journal. Reasons are as follows:

1. Any peer review process is not possible within 48 hrs. But this journal is claiming of doing review process in 48 hrs (as mentioned in the right corner of website).

2. You can check any good Journal, any good Journal cannot review in 48 or 72 hrs. It proof that International Journal of Scientific Research and Development is fake Journal.

Anybody can also check already published paper on this Journal. Most of articles are copied from other previously published paper.

3. This Journal is mentioned that specially for GTU university. Any Journal cannot based on specific university. It means that this Journal is only for earning money and making fool to your researcher.

Saturday, 14 December 2013

Global Impact Factor ( : Fake Impact factor calculation

Global Impact Factor ( is a website which calculate Impact factor of Journal. Many Journals are showing impact factor calculated by this agency. This agency can give any Journal as much impact factor as they want. It takes fees for making Impact factor.
Anybody can check it through following link:

For getting Impact factor, Journal has to pay fees and this website will give them good impact factor. This is only for making fool to young researchers.

I asked to 24 different university's  professor. All of them told me that their university does not allow this fake agency for calculating impact factor.

Global Impact Factor ( is also not listing the name of peoples who reviews the Journals. This proves that it is fake.

It is also not showing physical address of this agency.

Global Impact Factor (  is not approved by any government/ University/ College/ Group of scientist. It is completely fake.

This website says that if any Journal has only one issue, they can provide Impact factor. So now you can imagine yourself how much is it fake?

Monday, 4 November 2013

ijarcsse ( : Fake Impact Factor

International Journal of Advanced Research in Computer Science and Software Engineering (IJARCSSE) is fake Journal. Reasons are as follows:

Reason 1. Fake use of Thomson Reuters: 
IJARCSSE is using name of Thomson Reuters in its indexing page. But this Journal is not listed in Thomson Reuters list Anybody can check it in Thomson Reuters list.

Thomson Reuters is world famous indexing. This bogus Journal is using this name for attracting young researchers.

Reason 2. Fake Impact Factor :
IJARCSSE has mentioned Impact factor as 2.080. It is not calculated by any organization or society. It is putting by Journal without any calculation and proof. It is only for inviting more and more papers for fooling authors.

Reason 3. Fake use of another group name:
IJARCSSE is mentioning Academy & Industry Research Collaboration Center (AIRCC) which is any other group of Journal.  This is use of fake logo and name of any other publisher.

Reason 4. No address on website:
This Journals has not mentioned the publication address on Journal website.

Authors are suggested to avoid these fake Journals like IJARCSSE ( It is wastage of time, research and money of young researchers..... These fake Journals are earning money by spoiling the carrier of students...